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Environmental activities

Environmental problems

The impending global warming problem is the most important environmental problem affecting the foundation of human survival given the magnitude and seriousness of the expected impact of the problem.
The amount of emissions in the world is more than twice the amount of absorption by the nature. If this trend continues, it is predicted that the rise in average temperature of the entire earth will reach approximately 1.8°C to 4.0°C by the end of this century as compared to 1980-1999.
After acquiring the ISO14001 environmental management system certification in May, 2001, our company has taken pro-active efforts on "Global environmental protection" with the participation of all the employees.
One of these efforts is to further promote the global environmental protection committee started in 1992, setting targets each year for energy saving, resource saving I II, environmental commodities, environmental reforms by the 5th special departmental meeting, and acting towards a Sound Material-Cycle society.

Environmental problems

Environmental philosophy

We are pro-actively developing environmental protection activities aiming at harmony of "Economic development" and "Environment that can co-exist with nature" with a slogan "Creating a better environment for the next generation".

Environmental policy

Koyo Machine Industries Co.,Ltd., deeply recognizes the significance of global environmental protection through active conduct of business of machine tools, mechatronics, intermediate steering shafts. We are voluntarily and pro-actively pursuing global environmental protection activities with the collective efforts of all our employees at headquarters, our plants, branches and affiliate companies.

1.We are aiming at continuous improvement of the environmental management system to harmonize the business activities with the environment.
Moreover, we are promoting the cooperation with material suppliers.

2.We are trying to pro-actively prevent environmental pollution by adhering to environmental laws, regulations, agreements and other requirements related to business activities.
Moreover, we are contributing to the society by adequately understanding the technical needs for global environmental protection, and developing/offering commodities that correspond to these needs.

3.We are working on the following items as environmental management emphasis theme related to business activities, products and services by uplifting the environmental-consciousness of all the employees.

  (1) Development and designing of environment-conscious products
  (2) Cut down CO2 by effective use of consumable energy
  (3) Reduction in waste
  (4) Thorough management of chemical substances and lowering the use of environmentally hazardous materials
  (5) Reduction in main materials/auxiliary materials
  (6) Cut down CO2 distribution
  (7) Preservation and improvement of regional environment

4.We are promoting environmental protection activities with the cooperation of all employees after maintaining the environmental protection system, setting objectives and targets of environmental protection activities, and conducting regular reviews.

5.We are recognizing the location requirements of our plants, and aiming at communications with related government agencies and local residents.
Moreover, we are releasing the implementation status of the environmental management activities, if required.

Contribution to society

Social contribution activities

We are contributing to the region and society through volunteer activities around the region.

Environmental objectives and targets

Environmental objectives
Performance index (medium-term targets)
Single-year targets
Efforts for "Developing the commodities with a low burden on environment"
Improvement in Environmental Efficiency.
Decide targets for each operation division and aim at an environmental efficiency improvement of 1.0 or more.
Number of target items across the company 6 items
Saving electricity
Saving gas
Saving water
Reduction in amount of CO2 emissions

Reduction in amount of CO2 emissions (Total emissions/internal production amount)
3% reduction in the year 2015 as compared to the year 2012.
Year 2012: 3.61 billion yen

3.59 billion yen

Reduction in main material
Reduction of secondary materials
70,000 kg limit year of main material weight
Achievement of the items in each division

80,000 kg main material

6 item goal

Reduction in waste

Recycling of waste
Reduction of basic unit (Invested amount/Production amount)
3% reduction as compared to the year 2012 Year 2012: 298 million yen
Year 2015: 100%

296 million yen
Management of atmospheric water quality etc.
100% observance of regulations, independent reference value
Reduction in distribution cost
 Packing cost
 Transportation charges
Reduction of basic unit (Distribution cost/sales)
3% reduction in the year 2015 as compared to the year 2012
Packing cost 0.48%
Transportation charges 0.61%

Packing cost 0.39%
Transportation charges 0.49%

Environmental protection activities

Zero emission development by garbage segregation (segregation in 22 types such as waste plastic, recycled garbage, general garbage, newspapers and magazines, copy papers, cardboards, metals, fluorescent lamps)

Environmental protection activities