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Company Philosophy

Corporate Message

Value & Technology Creating valuable technology for you by weaving dreams into skills


Speed & Change

Company Objective

Contribute to create an affluent society and to the welfare of the people through production of goods, by earning the trust of society

Business Attitude

♦ Create new value and offer "Pleasure and Excitement" across the society
♦ Aim at a growth in harmony with the society with global, innovative management
♦ Creating a bright and energetic corporate culture based on respect for man's life and dignity
♦ Work towards achieving a safe and abundant livelihood

Business Strategy

1.Diversified management

The concept of diversified management that started when the company was established, continues even today. We aim at diversified business development by pursuing the synergistic effects of each business, making use of the popular technical capabilities while focusing on machine tools, which is our key business

2.Organizational operation with division system

We adopted the division system since 1986, that looks at "Production/Sales/Technology" in each business unit

3.Top share in each product field

We aim at business development where each product has the top share in each field

Overseas (development policy)

As a member of the JTEKT Group, we have established 6 overseas subsidiaries that bear the responsibility of global business development
(1 in the United States, 3 in China, 1 in South Korea, and 1 in Thailand)